Glen Cove 350/100 Anniversary

2018 will mark a milestone moment in Glen Cove’s rich history – it’s the 350th Anniversary of the founding of Glen Cove and the 100th Anniversary of its incorporation as a City.  We invite all residents to help us plan our celebration and recognize our Glen Cove’s heritage in exciting, educational and engaging ways.

Mission Statement


Pride and awareness of Glen Cove’s rich and colorful history and encourage participation in its bright future.



Optimism and an appreciation of the City’g growth and evolution through participation and multi-faceted engagement in historic, educational, social and cultural events and activities.


Residents, schools, cultural and fraternal organizations, religious groups, corporations, businesses and City resources to showcase and celebrate Glen Cove’s milestones and assets.



A year-long series of programs, exhibits, learning activities, special events and initiatives to showcase the City of Glen Cove and encourage widespread participation. 


Glen Cove’s history for future generations, from oral histories and family photographs to municipal milestones, using new technology applications for access via digital and social media channels.



Opportunities to raise funds to support and underwrite all GC350 programs through a robust sponsorship and marketing outreach campaign.

Volunteer For GC 350

Glen Cove is a wonderful city because our residents take pride in the fact they live here.  We are calling on all interested residents to take part in creating and curating Glen Cove’s historic celebration.

History of Glen Cove

Our team has put together a presentation outlining the rich history of Glen Cove.

Glen Cove Photo Gallery

View historical photos of Glen Cove.