Glen Cove’s One Hundredth Birthday Celebration

Glen Cove’s One Hundredth Birthday Celebration.

By Victoria R. Crosby

For two hundred and fifty years Musketa Cove,

was how this area was known,

 not just for the insects that we all despise

but also for the mesquite shrubs that thrived

 in the marshes along the shore,

but that was long before

  roads and railways started coming through,

and as time went by the population grew.

Then the name was changed to sound more inviting,

and so as not to scare away people with bugs that were biting.

By 1915 the population had grown

to warrant a government of their own.

A committee of seven was formed in 1916

for almost a year they did convene,

but couldn’t agree on which course to take

or on whether to make

Glen Cove a village or a town,

 it really turned them upside down.

But by the following year they realized,

that as The Glen Cove Echo had editorialized

it was a city that they should be,

and so a much larger committee

 was formed to draft a charter and to study the how

and when, and what they must do now.

So it was exactly one hundred years from today

That the City of Glen Cove broke away

from the town of Oyster Bay

 to be a city of its own

and over those years this city has shown

 great progress within our community

with our citizens of diversity.

In Glen Cove there are some businesses which have been

in existence since 1918.

Some are not here for quite that duration,

yet their businesses flourish with continuation.

Some have been here even longer,

as their businesses grew so much stronger.



We honor them all tonight for their success and dedication,

as they passed them down through each generation,

or sold them to people who retained the name

and continued the business just the same.

One of the oldest is Dodge-Thomas Funeral Home,

so you don’t face the death of a loved one alone.

Karl Anton founded his newspapers in 1917,

and through the years the Boys and Girls Club has seen

 young members of the community blossom and grow,

and the hospital has helped more people than we know.

Landing Bakery and Henry’s Confectionary,

London Jewelers and Glen Floors,

Charles of Glen Cove, and so many more.

We are thankful for all who have contributed in the last century

and made the City of Glen Cove the place we all want to be.

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