Let The Celebrations Begin


By Jill Nossa


Over the course of the past year and a half, the GC350 Committee has been hard at work preparing for two big milestones that are coming up next year: the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Glen Cove as a city and the 350th anniversary of its founding. Now that 2018 is fast approaching, committee members are eager to let the community know what big plans are in store for next year.

“These volunteers have brought their intel, planning skills, research skills, technology skills, logistic skills and fundraising skills to start building momentum for the two milestones being celebrated in 2018,” said Lisa Travatello, a member of the GC350 Committee who assists with public relations. “This year has been about fundraising and planning; next year is about celebration, execution and engagement of the community.”

The celebration will begin on Jan. 5, 2018, with a birthday party at the Glen Cove Mansion in honor of the 100th anniversary of Glen Cove’s incorporation as a city. The party will honor Glen Cove’s oldest businesses, goes from 7 to 11 p.m. and costs $75. Also on that day, there will be a photo reenactment of the first City Council swearing-in at the North Shore Historical Museum.

In recognition of the 350th anniversary of Glen Cove’s founding on May 24, 2018, events are planned over the Memorial Day weekend, beginning with a friends and family barbecue on Thursday that will honor Glen Cove’s oldest families, followed by an old-timer baseball game at John Maccarone Memorial (City) Stadium on Friday, a two-day street fair on Saturday and Sunday downtown and the parade on Monday. During the street fair, bus tours will be offered that will highlight mansions, places where movies were filmed and historical neighborhoods.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm, and there’s a lot going on in Glen Cove, but the fact that we’re embracing and making sure we retain and put the spotlight on our history is such an amazing opportunity,” said Barbara Peebles, whose role is raise money through sponsorships, noting that the events will not cost the city anything as all events are being underwritten through sponsorships and fundraising efforts.

These efforts also include opportunities for people to stake a claim in Glen Cove’s history. Jacki Yonick explained that the Heritage Garden will be built at the head of Mill Pond at Pratt Park, tile mosaic garden filled with engraved paving stones. Families, businesses or individuals can purchase a brick in memory of  a loved one, as a memento for a child or in honor of an organization, alumni class or event. The City of Glen Cove will be donating four bricks in honor of the Glen Cove residents who lost their lives on 9/11.

The history committee has also created a time line, beginning in 1668, which will be on display on Jan. 5, 2018. Anyone interested in volunteering to be a part of a committee can contact the advisory board. Readers are encouraged to follow the Facebook page and visit www.glencove350.com for more information, historical photos and other resources.

“This is a historical moment, a celebration of our history and the generations of families that make Glen Cove so unique,” said Peebles.