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Turn of the Century (circa 1900) Bird’s Eye View Map of Glen Cove.

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Images of Modern America : Glen Cove

by Joan Harrison

Glen Cove, the only city located on Long Islands Gold Coast, has long been reinventing itself. After World War II, the farms and estates in the area gave way to suburban development. Modern advancements like the zoom lens, the dimmer switch, and X-ray technologies were all developed within the city limits, while factories on the creek supplied the world with carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, and graphic arts film and cameras. Albert Einstein, Nikita Khrushchev, and the Kennedy families stayed in the community, and stars of stage and screen performed about town. In 1968, Glen Cove celebrated its tricentennial. It was followed by urban renewal and the rebuilding of the old downtown. In the final years of the 20th century, the industrial era ended, and under the auspices of Mayor Thomas Suozzi, environmental cleanup and waterfront revitalization began.

Images of America: Glen Cove Revisited

by Joan Harrison

Since its founding in the late 17th century as a mill town, Glen Cove has been simultaneously rural and industrial, patrician and working class. A city of multiple ethnicities and close family ties, Glen Cove has been home to generations of immigrants who came to work and stayed to live, as well as to the children of America’s elite who built their summer homes on the shores of Hempstead Harbor. In Glen Cove Revisited, “The Heart of the Gold Coast” is seen as only insiders know it, through images of the mill ponds and barnyards, estates and factories, schools and neighborhoods, and the people, famous and unknown, which make up this microcosm of America

Images of America : Glen Cove

by Joan Harrison


The Splendid Steamer Glen Cove

by Edward Magnani

Tells the story of the steamship Glen Cove which saw action in the Civil War.

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